I recently transitioned from labelling my self as a vegan to calling my diet ‘plant based’. I have been struggling with severe IBS & digestive issues for years. After 5 years of veganism it was really hard to come to the realisation that my body cannot thrive on a vegan diet and so I had to stop and listen to my body. During this time I did lots of research and came to realise I was experiencing a shift in my belief system too. If I could lose all labels then I would for sure but I sometimes find that having labels helps us to find like minded people and brings people together. I am no longer vegan but I am still compassionate, I am still thankful & I am still in love with our world and will try everything to help it’s current situation. If you want to know more about my recent diet switch, keep reading.

Each person is on their own journey, that's part of existing and being alive. We all grow and learn and are exposed to many different things in our lives, which shape us into the people we are today. I wanted to include plant based eating as a part of this website because I want to share the word about becoming more compassionate, more aware and living a more regenerative life, which is better for both yourself and our planet.

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I want to help others who are dealing issues with the vegan diet like I did due to digestive issues & IBS or to show people who just want to include more plants in their diet just how easy it can be. Carnivores and Herbivores alike can all enjoy the recipes that I share here and we can all become healthier and more plant based together! 

Books & Podcasts I recommend if you’re struggling with a vegan diet but still want to help our planet & the animals who co-exist here with us.

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I am neither advocating or defending for my dietary choices but I want to be 100% transparent with you guys. All I am doing is giving you the information I used to make my decision after struggling for so long. If you’re struggling too & want to chat then send me a message on instagram or youtube.

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Feel free to browse the options below, I will update them from time to time to include new and exciting recipes, or go ahead and click on the blog tab and have a little browse for my most recent content. And as always, you do you. Do what makes your body happy and your soul come to life.


Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you find something that tickles your taste buds, scroll down to see my faves. :)

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