Why did you become a minimalist?

I started my minimalist journey when I made the life changing decision to travel the world! I gulped as I realised that would mean I needed to take only a small amount of things with me. As I travelled I realised more and more each day that I don't need many things to keep me happy. Once home I decided to have a complete clear out of my whole bedroom which was a big hit on youtube! Since having my clear out I feel totally liberated and so much lighter than I did before.

What inspired you to start a youtube channel?

I wanted to share my life and views about the world. I feel so passionate about so many things and felt the need to share them! I'm so excited to have a creative outlet to express myself and It makes my soul happy when I meet other like minded souls. ♡

Why did you become Vegan?

I have so much compassion for all animals and can't stand the thought of eating them which is why I was vegetarian for a long time before moving over to veganism. My journey to veganism started when I started suffering with lots of digestive issues which I eventually realised was due to lactose intolerance! Being the person I am, I started doing lots of research about milk and the 'western diet' and realised I wanted to cut all animal products out of my diet once and for all. I've never looked back!

How Long have you been Vegan?

I have been vegan for three years and was vegetarian for two years before that.

My best friend first inspired me to become vegetarian, she was one of the first people I knew committed to the lifestyle and she still inspires me to this day! Love you Hayley. xx

How do you afford to travel?

I work random jobs to save money for my travels, i'm currently in that very process as we speak! Once I go travelling I chose countries where I can go on a 'working holiday visa' so I can work as I travel. To save money I sometimes stay in working hostels where i'm able to work for free accomodation (usually 2-4 a day for a free night). Once I earn enough money I'm able to live off the money i've earned for a while in a poorer country like Bali.

Why did you go travelling?

I wanted to see the world, experience new cultures and live the life of my dreams. I was ready to settle down but then realised I hadn't had chance to see the world and wold never get chance if I got into debt with a big old mortgage!