Why Living An Intentional Life Is The Best Thing You Will Ever Do


There’s something meditative about drinking a cup of tea. Watching the steam rise from my tea cup always puts me in some sort of delightful trance. I feel a sense of calm wash over me; I feel light, liberated, free.

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I haven’t always felt this way, some days I felt like my brain was scrambled and my nerves were fried. I threw myself into bed at way past midnight before sleeping for what felt like two seconds, which proceeded to waking up just as tired as I went to sleep.  

We are all chasing this illusion of happiness and we believe deep in our core that money equals happiness. In the culture I grew up in money = consumerism and consumerism was supposedly the key to true happiness. The more stuff you have to show, the more people would see all of that stuff and in some crazy way  that translates to you have you sh*t together… on the outside at least.

This constant cycle of buying things means that you’re in the never-ending cycle of needing to buy more and more and more, which means you inevitably work more and more and more.


Live to work… or work to live?


That’s a question I asked myself one dreary overcast day as I pulled up to a red light on my way to another boring day of work. Why am I going to work? What is the purpose? Is it to buy new things or for something more?

We all have to work, but how liberating would it be to work and know your money is going to one of your passions, to an amazing life changing trip or to something that lights your soul on fire. Being intentional about where your money goes is one of the biggest secrets of our society today.

We have a choice. We can choose where we spend our money. We can buy second hand, we can trade with others, we can buy from ethical or eco friendly stores and feel amazing because we know our money is going to good people. The less you need to buy, the less you need to work to buy those things you no longer need or can do without, just a little longer.

When we are born we come into this world with nothing. Humans are minimalists by default, just like every other creature on this planet. We don’t need materialistic things to make us happy, we create and are in control of our own happiness.

Buying the things that I use every day with intention makes me feel good. I feel centred and happy when I touch those items. I know their story, I know my money went to serve a higher purpose and I know these items aren’t damaging the planet and will last me a lifetime if I treat them with the respect they deserve. It also means i’m honouring myself and my own journey through life.

 Living an intentional life is so much more than it seems and I can’t wait to share more about this style of living with you in the future.

I have everything I need, from the mountain to the sea.
I have everything I need.
— Trevor Hall

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Kay x